Hi, I'm

Mich Verbelen

Iā€™m a photographer based in Belgium,

and I 've been shooting publicitary photos since 1990.

I'm pleased to show you my advertising work, bus also my photographic and sculptural artwork.

Born in Brussels, Belgium on february 2nd,1961

studied photographic art at the R.Ho.K, Art academy of Brussels.


I started as an independent commercial photographer in 1990. The company that started as a photostudio in Antwerp, grew up to be a communication agency, providing business strategy, and visual total concepts.


As a photographer, the search for the perfect illumination and flattering, ideal light situations are an everlasting challenge: like a painter, the photographer has to create the ideal circumstances to enlighten his objects.


In 2005, I started working as a photography teacher at the CVO Heusden-Zolder, where I teached adults the different aspects of photography. Now I am related to the CVO-TSM school in Mechelen, where I also teach photography.