by Mich Verbelen

On these pages, I'll gladly present to you my recent artwork.

photographic artwork

The artphotos are available in limited edition and in various formats. Photos can be purchased as unique prints, or as numbered prints of a limited edition. Every print is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Please contact me for more detailed information about formats, finishing and prices.

obstinate impressions

Under "obstinate impressions" the spectator will find a series of "daily scenes", provided by a specific note in the margin. These notes are often frames of mind by the author, and seldom inspired by reality.

reality is not only what one sees, bus mostly what one makes of it...


sculptures are often fusions of different materials. They consist mostly of glazed terra cotta statues, combined with glass and photographic prints.

They are strictly unique pieces of art.

Please contact me for info about dimensions, choice of materials and prices.

dance by Meron Verbelen

On this page a proud father presents the artistic dance expressions of his daughter Meron.