Interior & design

in 2005 I started working as the main, and later on solo photographer for Patrick Retour's interior books. They appeared under the title "Wonen met stijl", "RĂ©sidences de style" and "Living with style" at Manteau publishers.

The last edition was published in 2019, and we are still busy making a brandnew edition, showing lovely interiors from all over Europe to our audience.


& people

Since 2000 I travelled through France, to make portraits of well known chefs, and of their resaurants. Stylish food shooting became necessary, and was an ever occuring challenge. Unlike a specialised food photographer, I was limited in time, and in accessories for the shoot. What you see in this portfolio was shot on the spot, using a limited lighting equipment.

The photos were mostly published in "Culinair", a specialized culinary BtoB magazine for France


& advertising

Since the very start of my carreer as an advertising photographer, I was passionate about working with people. Al kinds of people posed in front of my lens, as well fashion models as people one meets in the streets.

The photos were used in various ads for governmental purposes, but also for international worldwide advertising for multinationals. Many of these ads were developed by Saatchi & Saatchi Business communications Belgium. The governmental ads were created by STATT or Slangen & Partners, and were published in various newspapers, magazines and streetposters.